Disney Lorcana: S2 Rise of the Floodborn Booster Pack


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Bringing together Disney’s century of storytelling experience and Ravensburger’s 140 years of games excellence, Disney Lorcana is the world’s most welcoming trading card game (TCG) and the ultimate Disney collectible.

A sudden explosion rocks the Great Illuminary. Inside, magical ink crashes together and a flood rushes through the hallways. Glimmers of characters swept up in the chaotic flood find themselves transformed in surprising ways, while precious lore is washed out into the Inklands far below.

Booster packs give players the ability to customise their decks and discover their own gameplay strategies. Discover new glimmers, items, and powers in these booster packs.

Rise of the Floodborn, the second set of the Disney Lorcana TCG, begins with a great explosion.

A torrent of the six magical inks bursts from the Great Illuminary in a mixed-up, chaotic form to flood the Inklands below. Glimmers who encounter this mixed ink surge with a power that transforms them into floodborn glimmers. As the ink pours from the Great Illuminary, treasured lore goes with it—including the powerful trident of Disney’s King Triton. Illumineers and glimmers now quest far beyond the damage to track down this lore . . . before it falls into the wrong hands.

Each Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn Booster Pack contains 12 random cards.


  • 6 common cards
  • 3 uncommon cards
  • 2 rare, super rare, or legendary cards
  • 1 foil card